Hello, Investigative Double Standards

Remember back in the day how liberals were ragging us about The Double Standard? I think it had something to do with women being judged more harshly about sex. But now we have liberals driving a coach and horses, or at least a brigade of electric cars, through the Gate of Investigative Double Standards. Yet I don’t think that a single liberal has noticed this. For blaring at us, like loudspeakers on the street in La Habana or Pyongyang, is the fact that the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails was handled with velvet gloves. Oh dear, poor Hillary didn’t know what “(C)” meant on a government document. Poor little diddums. Well, really, how can you expect a woman to understand the very mansplaining details of classified document protocol after the “woe” of millennia living under the Patriarchy? But Trump. Hoo boy. Let’s teach that punk a lesson. But why? Here’s a poor innocent reality show host -- doesn’t know...(Read Full Article)