China Is Still Involved in Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program

During the 1980s and 1990s, China created the Iranian nuclear weapons program through the sales of complete nuclear and missile facilities, along with dual-use and unfinished technologies.  Yet, in 1997, Bill Clinton told the U.S. Congress that "China has provided clear and unequivocal assurances to the United States that it is not assisting and will not assist any non-nuclear weapon state, either directly or indirectly, in acquiring nuclear explosive devices or the material and components for such devices." The Clinton administration's foreign policy was a disaster, and Clinton's statement to Congress exemplifies how incompetent his administration was on a range of national security issues.  In fact, Clinton's claim was so dangerous that it directly placed the West on a collision course with a nuclear-armed Iran (and North Korea), irreparably damaging non-proliferation efforts in the process.  Even now, we still see those on both...(Read Full Article)