California: Land of Fruits and Nuts in the Jungle (Primary)

For as long as I can remember, California has been facetiously branded "the land of fruits and nuts."  At the same time – at least until recent years – it was ironically acknowledged to be America's innovative land of milk and honey. In the mid-fifties, when I put my winter coat in mothballs and moved to Southern California, the Golden State was the place to head to, not only for the good weather, but for the generally hopeful climate in which one's dream might flourish.  Now the term "dreamer" is associated with those whose illegal alien parents brought them illegally to America –mostly in droves to the promised land of California. When my young husband and I made the trek west from Illinois in the middle of the last century, we faced a forced drive across an inhospitable desert in our nearly new, un-air-conditioned sea-green Pontiac sedan.  Even though we wisely crossed a stretch of the Mojave at...(Read Full Article)