Barr and Bee: What Do They Really Represent?

So we’re supposed to believe that a Chick-fil-A hating, socialist loving, foul-mouthed former Hillary and Bill Clinton supporter, and 9/11 Truther who once sang the worst rendition of our National Anthem in the history of our nation -- afterwards grabbing her crotch and spitting (even Keith Olbermann was critical) -- is someone who accurately represents Trump voters. Of course the New York Times, CNN, and MSNBC would have us believe that this is the case. If only the real Roseanne were more like the TV version. But alas, we are left with the real thing. (I wonder: Who do liberals hate more right now?) As even the most elementary efforts to examine her personal and political past reveal, Roseanne Barr is certainly no conservative. Neither is she widely representative of a typical Trump voter. She does, however, represent a great problem -- for Democrats. If someone with the liberal leanings of Roseanne Barr can be persuaded to vote for Trump -- and if this can be replicated...(Read Full Article)