America's Root Disease: An Aversion to Responsibility

One of the crucial things I've found wanting in modern-day America is a simple concept: responsibility.  We are living through what David Bahnsen calls a "crisis of responsibility."  It's from this aversion to blame that many of our troubling trends flow. The pusillanimity was recently present in the Supreme Court's unwillingness to define what rights the religious have in abstaining from commercial activities that violate their conscience.  In Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the high court ruled in favor of Jack Phillips, who declined to fashion a custom wedding cake for two men because of his religious conviction.  The Court did not uphold Phillips's right to do so – instead, the justices for the majority fell back on nasty language used by the Colorado Civil Rights Commission to support their ruling. This was a cop-out.  The issue of balancing religious liberty with gay...(Read Full Article)