Why Not Carter Page?

As the truth slowly leaks out, the Deep State and its media flunkeys are desperately trying to convince Americans that the Obama administration's use of the full power of the U.S. Intelligence Community as well as the FBI and DoJ to spy on the Trump campaign is no big deal. The latest lie is that the Obama administration was trying to protect Trump from nefarious Russians.  Ignoring for a moment that this claim is in direct contradiction to what the same talking heads have been saying for over a year – if Obama people were trying to protect Trump, then they didn't think Trump was compromised, which means they thought the Steele dossier was a pack of lies – it's still easy to show that the Deep State wasn't trying to protect Trump. The first point that has been widely discussed is that if they thought Trump was a target of Russian perfidy, they would have briefed Trump about it.  We know how that would have gone...(Read Full Article)