Karl Marx: Talking Points for Deplorables

So here we are at the bicentennial of the birth of Karl Marx in Trier, an ancient city that was once the capital of the Franks. Chuck was another of your Cinco de Mayo babies. Let us celebrate the man who was fated to outdo Helen of Troy, the beauty that launched a thousand ships. Marx launched a million killers to help solve the overpopulation problem that so obsesses our lefty friends. But let us remind the world that this fearless prognosticator was stunningly wrong on just about everything, and let us count the ways, so you can rag on your lefty friends whenever the mood takes you. The story of the last 200 years has been one that Jonah Goldberg calls “The Miracle” and Deirdre McCloskey and I call the Great Enrichment. But back in 1818 when Marx was born, and in 1848 when the First Activist issued his Communist Manifesto, nobody knew that the Western world was on its way to an all-fronts upswing that would transform the lives, most particularly, of the...(Read Full Article)