What Should We Call Secular Ideologies like Marxism and Social Justice?

As we celebrated Easter, the season when the Christians celebrate the Son of God who rose from the dead, there remained a big question for our age. What do we call the secular movements that are such a feature of our age?  I am talking about everything from Marxism to environmentalism to feminism. In his Why God? Explaining Religious Phenomena, sociologist Rodney Stark writes that these godless movements do not count as religions because "without the existence of a conscious divine being ... these 'Godless religions' can offer no otherworldly rewards, no miracles, not even any reason for prayer or worship." The proof of this, according to Stark, is that Christian denominations that have de-emphasized God as a "conscious divine being ... have experienced rapid and massive declines in membership." But then, on the last-but-one page of his book, he makes the following proposition: "The everlasting basis for religion will be the...(Read Full Article)