Losing Patience with the Rollup of the Rogue Ruling Class

More information came to light this week about the extensive, illegal operations of Obama’s rogue bureaucratic corps. Like the Attorney General, the President, Professor Alan Dershowitz, Joe DiGenova, former Clinton pollster Mark Penn and millions of others, we think this is taking far too long, and the Mueller investigation needs to close its bunker door and fade away. I’m with them. Moreover, if indictments of the Obama Bureaucrats who confected this nonsense and tried to cover it up don’t follow quickly on the release of the Inspector General’s report -- now due May 8 -- it is hard to imagine how much more contempt we will have for claims that we must respect the judicial system. Having seen the criminal justice system misused as a vicious political weapon against Lewis Libby, Ted Stevens, and now General Michael Flynn while manifest lawbreakers, including both the Clintons, McCabe, and Comey waltz home free, inspires depths of distrust that...(Read Full Article)