Let's Cross Enoch Powell with the Philly Starbucks

To me, the iconic image of last week was the shot of the black activist yelling through a bullhorn at a pajama-boy Starbucks barista in center city Philadelphia. There's your white privilege in a nutshell, pal. But I am worried for our black American friends.  See, back in the day, when the race thing was a black and white issue, black Americans were positioned front and center in the liberal morality play of Social Injustice.  But now?  Well, here in Seattle, we have Brahmin Kshama Sawant from Puna on the City Council and Pramila Jayapal from Chennai, Singapore, and Indonesia taking Baghdad Jim McDermott's seat in Congress.  And if you believe this concerned citizen, they have been taking electoral offices away from deserving black Americans. Don't you black chaps realize that snooty browns are coming in, calling themselves "people of color," and they already ate your breakfast?  In fact, the day is...(Read Full Article)