Who Will Be Trump's Next Economic Adviser?

"He may be a globalist, but I still like him." So said President Trump in a back-slapping farewell to his chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn.  Because humor is rotting roadkill in the era of high-speed political correctness, the all too typical cries of "racism!" and "anti-Semitism!" followed the president's quip. Anyone who pays a scintilla of attention to context knows what Trump was referring to with "globalist" – that is, the deracinated, borderless, efficiency-valuing mindset that strip-mines cultures and environments for their most valuable resources, leaving them bare and penurious, all in the name of "profit margin." It was an innocent ribbing, and well deserved.  While Cohn was reportedly considering resigning well before his announcement, Trump's insistence on – and subsequent imposition of – tariffs on steel and aluminum was the perfect excuse to bid adieu.  In...(Read Full Article)