Homeschooling: The Best Hope for America's Future

A 7-year-old in second grade came home and said, "Mom, Dad, guess what!  Our teacher read us the funniest book.  It was so silly.  It was about a prince who was getting married, but he didn't marry a princess.  He married a prince!  Isn't that so silly, Mom?"  The book read to the confused child to introduce 7-year-olds to same-sex "marriage" is King and King by Linda de Haan. Without parental knowledge or consent, 5-year-old Jacob, entering kindergarten, came home with a "diversity bookbag."  Inside was a book introducing kindergartners to same-sex households, celebrating Clifford and her dad's "partner," Henry – selling homosexuality to 5-year-olds disguised as diversity.  The book is Who's in a Family by Robert Skutch. Folks, if my public school arrogantly usurped such authority when I was a kid, my stocky little-over-five-foot...(Read Full Article)