Transgender Ideology Promotes Experimentation on Children and Youths

In the United States and elsewhere, lobotomies were once seen as the cure-all for some mental illnesses. Dr. Walter Freeman, an earnest advocate of experimentation on the human brain in order to “cure” mental illness, developed an inexpensive way to lobotomize mentally ill people. He inserted a kitchen ice pick -- later refined into an instrument called a leucotome -- into the eye orbit, punched the pick through with a hammer and swished the object back and forth in order to sever the part of the brain deemed responsible for mental illness, or even just bad behavior. Freeman was able to bypass the tedious process of peer review and established medical ethics because the well-publicized experimental operation seemed to produce permanently tranquil specimens who no longer writhed in fits or threw excrement on the walls. His tactics “worked,” and that was what mainly mattered to heads of institutions for the insane. Because his lobotomies seemed...(Read Full Article)