The Liberal Problem in America

Donald Trump brought the void to the entire liberal establishment. He brought it emptiness and confusion and, more importantly, he brought it fear of the American people. The liberal sun is setting in the West, and all that remains for its worshippers is an unbearable sorrow for the power they have lost, of bewilderment and anger, a sense of the lengthening shadows of their irrelevance, and a gathering realization that, from having dwelt within the deep corruption of the Obama administration, they have nothing to offer the people but their old socialist handbooks, their consuming hatred for the new president, and a roiling temper of revenge. The liberal mind is a dark place -- an irrational, predatory, enslaving, and uncivilizing influence. It has become its own refuge, its own closed system of thought and behavior, its own electric carnival of delusions. It can switch reality on and off with the swipe of a finger. It can turn wishful clay on a magic potter's wheel until it has...(Read Full Article)