The Left Is 'Spinning' Out of Control

The Democrats are addicted to spin, and it’s only getting worse.  Ever since Trump’s ascendance, they seem to have fully embraced the role of party of the straw man argument.  Any misdemeanor gaffe by Trump is instantly upgraded into an imagined capital offense and debated as such by left-wing mouthpieces in the media.  When the president proposes an expensive, strategically worthless Bastille Day-style military parade, for example, the reaction is automatic. It’s hardly a shocker that Donald Trump is focusing his presidential energies on parades.   For decades, his name has been synonymous with pageantry and ostentation, so it comes as no surprise that his proclivity for ruffles and flourishes has followed him into the White House.  Even less surprising, however, has been the hysterical, overblown response from the Left. “A military parade like this — one that is unduly focused on a single person — is what...(Read Full Article)