The Ascension of the DC Swamp Creatures

Why are so many of the people who have risen to the top of our government institutions, those who become the leaders or directors of our alphabet agencies, so imperious, so devious, so malevolent, so lacking in character and so disdainful of the American people?  How is it that people of good character no longer want to work for the government or run for elective office?   The answer: because it is not just a swamp, it is a toxic, venomous morass of self-serving lowlifes.   Consider the people we have come to know a bit about:  Lois Lerner -- she was proud and happy to sabotage the non-profit  status of every conservative group who applied for it throughout the Obama administration.  She pled the 5th Amendment when testifying before Congress and walked away with a very generous pension.  John Koskinen, her boss, was even more overtly dismissive of the law when he appeared before Congress.  It was...(Read Full Article)