Lack of Sleep is the Latest Ammunition for Anti-Trumpers

Political pundits, celebrities, and liberal politicians are constantly looking for ways to explain what they call the president’s “erratic behavior,” when the reality is that they simply don’t agree with his policies and decisions. The latest blame tactic? Poor health and a lack of sleep. White House Physician Rules Trump Healthy As President Trump concludes his first full year in the Oval Office, media members on the left are trying to come to terms with the fact that he’s actually been quite productive and effective -- something liberal publications like the Atlantic have even admitted. While “reporters” and “journalists” have spent the last year running down nonexistent Russian rabbit trails, Trump and his cabinet have rattled off a long list of accomplishments. Some of the Trump administration’s early accomplishments include: near defeat of ISIL forces in the Middle East, plummeting rate of illegal border...(Read Full Article)