Democrats Helped Create Neo-Nazi Arthur Jones

Arthur Jones, the Nazi congressional candidate in Illinois running as a Republican, isn't symptomatic of Nazism in the GOP.  He's the result of decades of a Democrat monopoly in a gerrymandered district that the Republican National Committee spends nary a nanosecond trying to win.  The IL-3 district's U.S. representatives have been Democrats for the last 15,700 consecutive, uninterrupted days.  The district is currently represented by Dan Lipinski, who, based on his voting record, is a more moderate Democrat, which explains why he's being challenged in the Democratic primary by Marie Newman, a gun-grabbing, abortion-obsessed Bernie Sanders fangirl – you know, your typical modern-day Democrat. The district is arguably unwinnable for Republicans.  Included in the district are parts of Chicago; municipally, Chicago has had only Democrat mayors and 90% Democrat city councils for the last 30,000 consecutive, uninterrupted...(Read Full Article)