'Customized Learning' Means Every Student Learns Something Different

According to the people controlling our public schools, this country has been blessed by an endless stream of brilliant innovations. For examples, we had Sight-word instruction, which creates dyslexia and illiteracy, we had New Math, which the whole country hated; we had Constructivist instruction, which guarantees less success in the classroom. Point is, the hype is often far separated from reality. We have a lot of gimmicks in our classrooms that almost always share two things: they were lavishly promoted as breakthroughs; and they don’t work very well. So forgive my hesitation when I read praise of “mass customized learning,” which the developers hail as “the only way to achieve true education reform. We have to redesign student learning from class time to curriculum and from teaching styles to learning spaces.” Translation: throw everything out the window and start anew with a big blank check. Julie Mathiesen has...(Read Full Article)