California East

This January, New Jersey inaugurated our 56th governor, Phillip Murphy, a committed progressive Democrat and millionaire alumnus of Goldman Sachs, who self-financed his way to the nomination.  Given the unpopularity (indeed, loathing) of incumbent governor Chris Christie, Mr. Murphy's path to Drumthwacket was never in doubt.  Once again New Jersey is entrenched in the solid blue-state column with a governor embracing progressive policies like a "millionaires tax," a $15-an-hour minimum wage, and expanding green energy mandates. Why?  What is the appeal of this blue state model of government?  Are blue states like New Jersey fairer than red states? One thing I have noticed is that blue states are more expensive than red states.  From housing, taxes, and electricity to a slice of pizza, you are going to pay more for pretty much everything in a blue state.  The reason is that the cost of everything the...(Read Full Article)