Budget Principles Are Not Worth Dead Soldiers

When Donald Trump was running for president he promised to end the sequestration caps on military spending and rebuild a depleted America military strained to the limit to meet the threats of radical Islamic terrorism, a rising China, a resurgent Russia, a lunatic North Kora, and a fanatical Iran. That $150 billion Obama released to Iran was roughly equivalent to the money lost to sequestration and Obama budget cuts, money that otherwise would have gone to military modernization to meet, among other threats, that of Iran. In a budget deal with the Democrats, President Trump has kept both promises, yet so-called budget hawks who slept during eight years of Obama bemoan the “debt bomb” Trump ha allegedly dropped, not bothering to worry about deterring the nuclear bomb North Korea is preparing to drop. Defense is in the Constitution and is not a discretionary budget item, but rather a national security necessity. It should not be held hostage to Republican budget...(Read Full Article)