A Night at the Crying in Our Beer Salon

I couldn't take much more of the news.  The miscreants reportedly involved in the illegal surveillance of the Trump campaign were fleeing the FBI; parties in the intelligence agencies were contradicting one another with sloppily conceived alibis.  On top of that, the agencies involved looked both more stupid and more partisan than ever.  The latest was the New York Times account of how the CIA paid Russians a $100,000 down payment on a million-dollar contract to tar the President (doubtless with disinformation).  The viewing of the promised "compromising video" was – get this – in a room in the Russian Embassy in Berlin: A Russian was trying to sell the alleged Trump kompromat to [U.S.] spies.  He even showed off a 15-second clip of a video that he claimed showed Trump in a room with two women.  The choice of venue for the viewing: [t]he Russian embassy in...(Read Full Article)