A Big Red Wave

If you take the time to sit down to read the Nunes Memo, you start to realize that the claims being made on the political right aren’t just hyperbole. Nor are they a disingenuous attempt by the Trump administration to discredit the Mueller probe. It increasingly appears to be the biggest government scandal in U.S. history: the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI by the Obama administration to shield their presidential candidate and assail an opposing party’s presidential campaign and subsequent presidency. This is earth-shattering stuff. Yet, what are we hearing from the mainstream media (MSM)? Not just denial, but teeth-gnashing defiance. It leaves a reasonable person in a state of fear. What is happening? This is not our American system. Could they really be on the attack in the face of damning evidence and facts? And then I had a revelation. This defiance by Dems and their MSM lapdogs may lead to a big red wave in the midterms. They are trying to defend the...(Read Full Article)