Why the End of Malls Will Not Make Shopping Any Better

As the Christmas season ends, there is a general agreement that the age of malls is coming to a close.  Retail sales are no longer dominated by the vast complexes of physical shops anchored by big-box stores once found all over the country.  Indeed, malls are no longer delivering the goods to shoppers looking for the next great thing in their intemperate shopping experience.  Malls have lost their mystique.  They are not on the cutting edge of where to buy things.  They are now the victims of a process of substitution of which they were once the dominating newcomers.  Malls replaced shopping centers and downtown shops as the convenient place to find everything.  Now it is their turn to be replaced, as shoppers abandon what they once adored. Malls are dying for three reasons. Malls Are Boring The first is that malls are boring.  They filter out all the human interest elements in the market.  Nothing surprising or...(Read Full Article)