War with North Korea Is Inevitable

In 1969, I was a U.S. Army soldier on foot patrol on the banks of the Im Jin River, just a rifle shot from North Korea.  Although the war in Vietnam was raging at the time, getting all the headlines, there were Americans being killed along the supposedly demilitarized zone between the Koreas.  Despite the armistice, North Korea was, in fact, in an official state of war with the United States and remains so to this day. Little has changed since, except for the worse.  We are on a collision course toward a major war, and nothing short of a miracle will avert it. To understand why war is inevitable, we must look at recent history.  The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is recorded by many historians as a surprise attack, but a great many American leaders were not at all surprised.  The famous Army general Billy Mitchell was all but prophetic in his predictions of both where and how it would happen.  We can repeat his...(Read Full Article)