The US Must Sanction Iran

The Iranian regime aspires to hold the world hostage under the threat of nuclear conflict while continuing nearly forty years of repression of the Iranian people.  The 2009 Iranian revolution resulted in terrible suffering for many of the protesters, including dozens killed and thousands of arrests.  Major protests again rock Iran, and Iran has responded by blocking social media and cracking down on protesters through killings and arrests. The U.S. must offer Iran an ultimatum: respect peaceful protests, stop the social media blackout, and open all Iranian military sites to international inspection or face biting sanctions. The world is giving Iran a free pass from sanctions on account of Iran's purported commitments to the Iran nuclear deal (aka the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or  JCPOA).  The JCPOA repeatedly notes Iran's "voluntary commitments" – which clearly indicate that Iran is not bound by supposed requirements listed...(Read Full Article)