The Post and Spielberg's Problem with the Truth

I have some personal knowledge regarding the movie The Post and its subject matter, the Pentagon Papers.  At the time the Pentagon Papers began to be published in the summer of 1971, my father was highly placed in the Internal Security Division of the Justice Department and participated in the decision-making process regarding prosecution of the Pentagon Papers cases. I have a specific recollection around that time of my father at the breakfast table with the family, on several mornings, suddenly breaking out in a cursing rage.   I was perplexed by this behavior, but after a while, a pattern emerged.  Whenever Dad broke out in one of these rages, he was always holding the morning edition of the Washington Post. As I came to discuss it with my father in later years, he was angry and upset not because Ellsberg had released embarrassing details about the Nixon administration.  The revelations contained in the Pentagon Papers were...(Read Full Article)