The Lib-Con Utah School Porn War Rages On

Recently, I reported on the firing of Mateo Rueda, now an ex-art teacher after showing ten- and eleven-year-olds nude "artwork" at Lincoln Elementary School in Hyrum, Utah on Dec. 4, 2017.  Normally I would have let this story go by now, but Rueda continues playing the victim, aided and abetted by complicit reporters; libertines the world over; and, unfortunately, some good people who don't realize that the media have mischaracterized his trespass. Rueda, a native of Colombia, demands an apology, even as he condemns his fellow Cache Valley residents as "cultural dead-ends" and members of a "narrow-minded community."  He also said, "I was overqualified[.]  I took the [teaching] position with an open heart to make a difference in a predominantly[] Mormon community where there isn't much culture."  My – charitable as well as charming!  Yet his defenders – who've...(Read Full Article)