The Equilibrium Prejudice and Free Expression

There is a deep inclination in a certain segment of the punditry class to want to make overly simple equations on any number of complicated social problems.  Sure, the refrain of these simplifiers goes, Those of ideology X are doing something unpleasant, but what about those of the opposed ideology Y, who are doing the exact same thing?  Let's be even-handed in our criticism and in our proffered solutions, because there's always plenty (i.e., an equal amount) of blame to be spread around uniformly on all sides.  I call this "the equilibrium prejudice."  No problem, no matter the empirical details, can ever be seen from this perspective as something uniquely or disproportionately concentrated on one side or another.  Everything is always reduced to the rule: "They're doing it, yes, but look, so are they!"  It is a kind of mania for balance that undoubtedly provides something productive to some discussions but can in...(Read Full Article)