Shred the Veil

In the 2014 book Princess: More Tears to Cry by Jean Sasson, the protagonist, Princess Sultana Al' Sa'ud of Saudi Arabia, recounts how "to this day there are teenage Saudi boys living in Riyadh who, taught by their fathers and the clerics, consider women to be second-class citizens and cast stones at what they consider to be an offensive sight – an unveiled female face." The princess asserts that it is her "sincere wish that the day will come when ... an uncovered face will not cause violence in the street."  She declares that "nothing reveals more to [her] of a young woman's personality than the will to fight against any injustice against women, and certainly something as personal as the face veil, which is not required by the Islamic faith, as all those who are truly familiar with our holy book will know." She relates a tale of a young girl in a poor hamlet in Al-Kharz who aspired to be a doctor.  As she was the last of...(Read Full Article)