Scorning the Left

Have you ever been laughed at publicly?  Mocked?  Ridiculed?  Shown scorn in a social or professional setting? It doesn't matter what the reason may have been – if you answered yes to any of the above questions, you didn't enjoy it one bit.  It doesn't matter if it was justified or not, and it's doubtful that you would agree that it was justified if you were on the receiving end.  Regardless, it was not in any way pleasant if you were the butt of the laughter, the mocking, the ridicule, the scorn. In today's culture, these weapons have become something gleefully utilized by the left.  It is standard practice.  We on the right then dutifully recoil from engaging in such vulgarity – "oh, the humanity" – condemning it as mean, insensitive, callous, or sinking to "their" level. It's time for this to change.    Daily we see public articles, tweets, interviews, blog posts,...(Read Full Article)