Note to NeverTrumps: Trump's Character Is Admirable

As more and more people who hate Trump are forced to admit his achievements as president, they are doubling down on character assassination.  Even Trump voters often preface their satisfaction with Trump's actions by criticizing his tweets or his personality. Here's an alternate take on things: Trump's character is responsible for his outstanding performance in his first year as president.  If you want to know who someone is, you look at what he does.  What we have: a booming economy, growing jobs, more lawful governance, fewer regulations, more global security.  What character traits this took: hard work, focus, commitment, courage, honesty, independence, incorruptibility, self-confidence, love of excellence.  The list of Trump's positive character traits goes on and on.  You don't get achievements independent of character. Here's another alternate approach: there's no need to point out that George Washington is a dead...(Read Full Article)