Law vs. the Human Heart

By any measure, the past year was nothing short of monumental: a new president dogged by allegations of foreign election meddling, a media class working in overdrive, a remaking of the federal bench, the routing of the Islamic State, and the end of the Clinton political dynasty, all concluded with the passing of a large tax cut. But the most notable event of 2017 had surprisingly little to do with politics.  The imbroglio caused by Ronan Farrow's eye-opening exposé on Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was the news story of the last twelve months.  Whatever your position or persuasion, low or high class, conservative or liberal, the fallout from the lurid Weinstein revelations was inescapable.  Major public figures, from actor Kevin Spacey to TV anchor Matt Lauer, justly lost their careers for their libidinous predacity.  Others, such as Senator Al Franken and humorist Garrison Keillor, were also forced into...(Read Full Article)