Jeff Sessions's Reefer Madness

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, someone whom many of us consider asleep at the wheel concerning high level corruption at the FBI and DOJ, has woken up. No longer lurking in the weeds while Congressional committees and intrepid bloggers are peeling back the layers of the onion on deep state corruption, Sessions has moved from the weeds to weed itself. The AG this past week announced very simply that federal law regarding marijuana will be enforced. The left is apoplectic, even distracted a bit from the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and the recent tell-all book about President Trump, which is turning out to be more fiction than fact. Author Michael Wolff should have called his book, “Fifty Shades of Trump”. Here in Colorado, the liberal Denver Post is predictably outraged over Sessions’ decision, especially since marijuana has replaced skiing, hiking 14ers, and sunny days as what Colorado is now noted for.  The Denver Post editorial board...(Read Full Article)