How Does the GOP Win Back Blue States?

My man Kevin D. Williamson is worried that the Republican Party has nothing to say to blue states like California and New York and that the party feels pretty good about it.  But such an approach leads to disaster, he says: Writing off half of the country as a lost cause is bad for the Republican soul.  It also will prove bad for Republican electoral prospects, in time. Well, yes.  On a tactical level, it is important to have something to say to the blue cities and not to write them off as Deplorables.  But that is to miss the wood for the trees. The reason why California and New York are blue bastions is simple.  On the one hand, all the upper-income residents went to secular seminary and either learned to believe what they were taught or pretend they did.  On the other hand, the immigration policy of 1965 has filled the cities with people that are just off the farm.  They think and act as...(Read Full Article)