Hot for Students

Have you noticed the alarming incidence of female teachers sexually molesting students?  There have been an increasing number of stories on these disturbing crimes for years.  Staring at the mug shots of otherwise normal-looking women, I ask myself, what would cause them to engage in such hideous behavior, and from such a trusted position? Just to be sure I am not being deceived by Hollywood media sensationalizing a few events, I clicked on the "Crime" link at and paged through many dozens of related stories, most of them involving men.  However, in just a few minutes, I had collected links to 55 stories involving female teachers.  From the dates shown in the links, that's only about five months' reporting! The female perps range in age from early twenties to early fifties.  These are college-educated women, not a batch of street-raised prostitutes.  They taught everything from...(Read Full Article)