GOP Tax Bill Will Actually Help Small-Business America

It's cool to hate Trump.  It's cool to hate the GOP.  In fact, these days it's pretty cool to hate America.  The mainstream media have given birth to these ideas, and they continue to hammer them home, no matter the cost. Most recently, it's the new GOP tax plan (which is actually two separate yet similar proposals in the House and Senate) that's caught the attention of the liberal media.  Reporters, left-wing pundits, and Democratic politicians have plucked little pieces of the plan out and examined them in isolation – thus losing context – and made outrageous claims.  Read a handful of articles from the left, and you'd think the country were coming to an end. While the plan is far from perfect – something many people on both sides of the party line have publicly spoken out about – the extreme animosity is a little puzzling.  Yes, big businesses and wealthy individuals...(Read Full Article)