Fire and Fury: Wolff's Gossip Tome No More than Smoke and Mirrors

The Fire and Fury tell-all tabloid currently flying off bookshelves is nothing more than smoke and mirrors, an illusion that relies upon the confirmation biases of President Donald Trump's most enduring critics.  Muckraker Michael Wolff stands to become fabulously wealthy by simply rehashing the most salacious and unconfirmed rumors to dog the Republican outsider since he unexpectedly ascended to the White House one year ago. Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes synonymous with the truth.  "The 322 pages don't provide a lot of 'new' news," notes Los Angeles Times columnist Jackie Calmes, before arguing that "the picture of mayhem is mostly familiar to readers who have followed the daily reporting of White House correspondents." In the case of the president's mental fitness, gossip gradually turned to gospel as Democrats recycled duplicitous allegations that should have died soon after Green Party presidential...(Read Full Article)