DACA and the Rule of Law

In its introductory section on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA immigration policy, Wikipedia closes by citing the findings of several studies – to wit, that DACA decreased the number of "unauthorized" immigrant households living in poverty and that it increased mental health outcomes for those households.  According to "most economists," DACA benefited the economy.  (What other economists say on this point is not mentioned here or elsewhere in the Wikipedia entry.)  And "there is no evidence that DACA-eligible individuals are more likely to commit crimes than any other person in the US." In other words, if an "unauthorized" alien benefits from entering the U.S., and, "according to most economists," the economy benefits as well, and the alien commits no more crimes than average (not including the crime he committed by illegally entering the country), the law that prohibited his...(Read Full Article)