Cosa Sinistra: The Left as Crime Family

The left indeed has become a family.  Unfortunately, it often resembles the Gotti crime family (hat tip: Larry Schweikart). Let's face it: Republicans have their share of corruption, but what the left has become is not tinged with the normal shortcomings of humanity.  It's become criminal. Literally.  Fully.  And seriously. Let's look at a few shades of leftist criminality.  I don't mean the common finger-pointing, where leftists claim that anything done by the center-right is "criminal."  Like being for tax cuts.  Being pro-life.  Or against illegal immigration.  Voting for Trump was criminal.  The left thinks anyone to its right is criminal. But most sane people know that's not true.  It's hyperbole for the sake of cowing those who hold differing opinions.  It's a political smear writ large – and, might I...(Read Full Article)