Conservatives Ignore the Obvious

For a long time, it's been obvious that GOP politicians and media personalities bend backwards to avoid raising what are supposed to be settled social issues, lest they turn off certain voting blocs.  Whether it's the Supreme Court redefining marriage for all fifty states, the dismantling of Confederate monuments, or wishing to find a "path to citizenship" for various groups that are here illegally, Republican public relations experts try not to notice these issues, except to criticize those who won't accept "necessary" or "positive" change.  This attitude is partly attributable to the fact that Republicans are trying to capture at least some of the culturally leftist Millennial vote.  What's more, they're hoping not to get hammered too badly among racial and ethnic minorities that typically vote for the left (here, in Canada, and in Western Europe). The Republican establishment and their conspicuously...(Read Full Article)