Anti-Trump Zealots Require More Than a Calmness App

The 2017 iPhone App of the Year is "Calm."  The co-CEO of the company that makes the meditation app observed that downloads doubled in the months following president Trump's election.  While meditation apps may cushion anti-Trump zealots pinging around their liberal echo-chambers, to truly soothe their tortured souls, they need to confront the stages of grief.  For lasting inner peace, they need to move beyond the denial stage toward acceptance of President Trump's legitimacy. Overall, meditation and mindfulness apps saw their popularity soar in 2017 – apparently, there are a lot of liberal snowflakes reluctant to Make America Great Again.  These apps may provide some temporary solace to the forlorn intellectuals, but their cognitive dissonance invariably re-emerges when the reality of President Trump's successes intrudes upon their delusional world. Apps that encourage emotional well being in Trump deniers are, at...(Read Full Article)