A Peloponnesian Pep Talk: Trump's Hoplites Storm Washington

Culture wars are wars.  When I go on Twitter, I am going downrange.  I approach my tweeting, retweeting, blocking, and replying as such. This is still war even if (for now) the conflict is not an armed clash between us conservatives and our leftist nemeses.  As I have elaborated in previous posts, Carl von Clausewitz noted that much of what we call "war" is mastering our thoughts, our troops' thoughts, our allies' thoughts, and our enemies' thoughts.  Of his nine principles of war, some, such as "objective" and "surprise" and "unity of command," point as much to what goes on in all these players' heads as to violent conflict. Fortunately, in 2017, conservatives (though not all) came to understand that our political fight is not a roundtable symposium or a pie contest at the county fair.  Hallelujah! We face a leftist enemy who hates us and seeks to replace us...(Read Full Article)