#NeverTrumps Stuck on Style over Substance

Ten months into the Trump presidency, #NeverTrumpers are still stuck in denial and anger, a long way from acceptance, the final step of grieving. Despite endless predictions that he wouldn’t be the nominee or that he wouldn’t win the election, here we are ten months into the era of Trump. Here’s a montage of the predictions if you want a laugh. Many famous #NeverTrumpers have gone to ground since the election. Karl Rove makes only rare appearances on Fox News, only to comment on special elections. The Bushes only recently resurfaced, saying that they didn’t vote for Trump and that Pappy voted for Hillary Clinton. Bill Kristol, another famous #NeverTrumper, crawled out from under his neocon rock to tweet, “Donald Trump and Roy Moore are bringing out my inner liberal.” No surprise there. Many closet liberals have outed themselves over Trump. Another noted #NeverTrump publication, National Review, offered up a surprising article, “This...(Read Full Article)
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