Liberal Lingo: 'Sanctuary Cities'

A sanctuary is a place where people can go to be safe. Generally speaking we think of good people going to sanctuaries to escape evil; some Jews found sanctuary from the Holocaust in England and the United States, for example. Liberals like to repurpose words with positive connotations, like sanctuary, in order to add a false impression of sanity to liberal positions which are otherwise indefensible. In the case of the now ubiquitous “Sanctuary Cities” phrase, liberals hope to evoke Americans desire for fairness and our propensity to stick up for the little guy. After all, even if you’re some coldhearted racist conservative, liberals reason, your heartstrings will be plucked by the idea of cruel ICE agents swooping in on a hard working “undocumented” family who pay their taxes, never take government aid, and work hard at jobs where they are underpaid because “gringo” bosses threaten to call ICE on them; jobs which no citizen would...(Read Full Article)