Entering 2018 with Gratitude to God and Donald Trump

I remember that painful election night in 2012.  Against reason, Americans chose to give Obama four more years in the White House. As a Christian, all I knew to do was trust God.  Little did I know that Obama's re-election was setting the stage for long-shot dark-horse presidential candidate Donald J. Trump. Over eight years, the shine wore off electing the first black president.  Americans knew that Obama was driving our country in the wrong direction.  We subconsciously felt the tyranny of political correctness.  Obama led leftists' war on Christianity.  Obama's agenda was founded upon punishing America first.  Thus, Americans were ready for real change.  Enough with empty promises from fancy-talkin' professional politicians. When businessman extraordinaire, regular-guy candidate Trump said he wanted to "make America great again," We, the People immediately connected with Trump's clear and simple...(Read Full Article)