To Soak the Rich, Cut Their Taxes

Like Lucy holding the football for Charlie Brown, the establishment appears to be wimping out with rumors of a 5-year phase-in of corporate tax cuts and an extra tax bracket for those making a million or more. There are demands that the trillions parked overseas be “invested” back in the economy, whatever that means, rather than, say, be used to buy back stock. Some RINOs like Sen. Collins, want to keep the death tax. Our economic heart needs a jolt. It needs a defibrillator set to maximum when the timid are suggesting a cup of caffeine. As the saying goes, go big or go home. Those concerned with ballooning the deficit were largely silent as President Obama doubled the national debt. If you are conserved about ballooning the deficit, then cut some spending, geniuses. And if any of the rich feel they are undertaxed, well, they can write a check to the Treasury any time they feel like it. We forget the lesson of the luxury tax. Designed to make the rich pay their...(Read Full Article)
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