K-12: Central Planning and Participation Trophies

Obama said the goal of public schools is to make everyone "college- and career-ready."  Sadly, many of the people graduating from high school are not even high school-ready. We know this bad news from remediation rates during freshman year.  Millions of so-called college students complete their high school studies on a college campus, a wildly expensive way to do things.  Here's an idea: what if students were taught properly throughout K-12? That is not happening now.  We know from videos (by such reporters as Mark Dice and Jesse Watters) that Americans typically learn little during all their school time from K to 12. No matter how little a student learns, the school will try to award a diploma.  That piece of paper is almost guaranteed.  But too often, it's not  proof of any scholastic achievement.  It's merely a participation trophy.  Worse still, if all the students are...(Read Full Article)