Hillary Protests Too Much

Methinks she doth protest too much -- and too late. Those who condemned President Trump for not condemning white supremacist groups quickly and forcefully enough after Charlottesville have no problem with Hillary Clinton taking five full days to hypocritically condemn sexual predator Harvey Weinstein. Maybe she was pondering the similarities between Weinstein’s predatory activities and that of her husband. Both used their positions of power to extort sexual favors, sometimes forcibly, from women. And just as Hollywood looked the other way for the sake of career advancement so too did Hillary Clinton as she rode her husband’s attained coattails to political prominence. So her recent expression of disgust over Weinstein’s activities ring hollow: At long last, the people who do the strategic planning for Hillary Clinton and tell her what emotions she should imitate in response to various stimuli have weighed in and they have decided that Harvey Weinstein is not...(Read Full Article)