Governor Rauner Sells Out the Pro-Life Movement

Bruce Rauner was Donald Trump before Donald Trump was cool. He was a wealthy businessman who was going to throw the rascals out and drain Illinois’ swamp of career politicians through term limits and a pro-growth agenda. He was going to be Scott Walker 2.0, unshackling Illinois from union control and returning power to the people. But that was then and this is now. Now, Bruce Rauner is just another politician more interested in keeping his job than doing his job, willing to sell out his most ardent supporters to save his political hide. He has proven politically powerless, both to change the makeup of the Illinois legislature, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party and their union bosses. But also to block their big-spending budget in a bankrupt state with junk status bonds. He also is morally clueless, embracing the Democratic mantra that abortion is health care, and breaking  a promise, despite his own personal pro-abortion views, to veto a bill that not...(Read Full Article)